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Harvard Map Collection. The Harvard University

Name of the digital map collection: Harvard Map Collection Digitial Maps
Web address of digitized cartographic documents: https://library.harvard.edu/collections/scanned-maps
National identifier of the collection (if available):
The main thematic content/s of the collection: Pre-1900, global urban plans, sea atlases, other
The collection departmental code: GEOGRAPHY


Address: Pusey Library Cambridge MA, USA 02138
Name of contact person: Bonnie Burns
Phone to contact person:
Contact person's email maps@harvard.edu

Information about the collection

The most important printed publications about the map collection: 1) Skelton, R.A., the Harvard Map Collections, Harvard Library, 1963 http://id.lib.harvard.edu/alma/990094113160203941/catalog 2) https://archive.org/details/FollowTheMapCatalogue,

Other important information about the collection: http://harvardmaps200.org/, https://library.harvard.edu/libraries/harvard-map-collection

The physical fund of the collection

The total size of the physical fund (also not processed): 500.000
The number of processed units in the electronic catalogue: 125.000
The number of physical units of old cartographic materials: 50.000
The typology of old cartographic materials: old maps; manuscript maps; old atlases; old globes;
Expected final processing of the collection: After 5 and more years

The digital fund of the map collection

The total number of individual digitized images (also unpublished): 93.000
Of this number is already published: 93.000
The collection is published: on-line;
The number of files in the databases of images (i.e. voluminous maps or atlases, so more objects joined in one): 14,000
The number of accessible 3D objects (globes, models, etc.): 2

Descriptive metadata

Library or archive programs used for cataloging: Aleph;
Standards used for metadata descriptions: METS; MODS;
Rules used to create metadata: RDA;
Methodologies used for the description:
Indexing by: key words; subjectchronological entries; geographical entries;
Are the before mentioned selection terms exported into metadata? some
Additional information on the method and scope of the description:

Services offered with digitized maps

Georeferencing (ground controlling) of maps: Yes
Map selection from map layouts: No
Search by map markers: No
Reading old fonts in the OCR: No
Full text search from legends: No
Digitization of maps on request: Yes
Other services: Further data access: Harvard Geospatial Library/GeoBlacklight Users of data: elementary schools, secondary schools, universities, publishing houses, television, film production, public

Aggregation into higher units

Digitalized cartographic documents are eported into superior aggregates: GeoBlackLight; Oldmapsonline.org;

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