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Collection of maps and drawings of the Dutch National Archives

Name of the digital map collection: Collection of maps and drawings of the Dutch National Archives
Web address of digitized cartographic documents: https://www.nationaalarchief.nl/
National identifier of the collection (if available):
The main thematic content/s of the collection: General
The collection departmental code: -


Address: Prins Willem Alexanderhof 20, 2595 BE, Den Haag
Name of contact person: Gijs Boink, Ron Guleij
Phone to contact person:
Contact person's email gijs.boink@nationaalarchief.nl

Information about the collection

The most important printed publications about the map collection: 1. C. Koeman, 1961. Collections of maps and atlases in the Netherlands: their history and present state. Leiden: Brill; 2. M. Donkersloot-de Vrij. 1981. Topografische kaarten van Nederland vóór 1750: handgetekende en gedrukte kaarten aanwezig in de Nederlandse rijksarchieven. Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff; 3. G.G.J. Boink, 2009. 'Kaartencollecties in Nederland: Collectie kaarten en tekeningen van het Nationaal Archief' in: Caert-Thresoor 28-3.

Other important information about the collection: http://www.gahetna.nl/vraagbaak/onderzoeksgids/kaarten-en-tekeningen-algemeen (this address will change early Februari 2019); http://www.atlasofmutualheritage.nl/

The physical fund of the collection

The total size of the physical fund (also not processed): 300.000
The number of processed units in the electronic catalogue: 165.000
The number of physical units of old cartographic materials: 100.000
The typology of old cartographic materials: old maps; manuscript maps; old atlases;
Expected final processing of the collection: After 5 and more years

The digital fund of the map collection

The total number of individual digitized images (also unpublished): 45.000
Of this number is already published: 10.000
The collection is published: on-line;
The number of files in the databases of images (i.e. voluminous maps or atlases, so more objects joined in one): 64
The number of accessible 3D objects (globes, models, etc.): 0

Descriptive metadata

Library or archive programs used for cataloging: Mais Flexis; Preservica; Memorix Maior;
Standards used for metadata descriptions: METS;
Rules used to create metadata: others;
Methodologies used for the description:
Indexing by: chronological entries; geographical entries;
Are the before mentioned selection terms exported into metadata? some
Additional information on the method and scope of the description: Programme: Mais Flexis; Preservica; Memorix Maior Rules to create descriptive metadata: EAD / ISAD(G) The collection of maps and drawings consist of 150+ archives and collections accumulated since 1802 and described since 1867. The methods used vary wildly, and so does the extent of description.

Services offered with digitized maps

Georeferencing (ground controlling) of maps: No
Map selection from map layouts: No
Search by map markers: No
Reading old fonts in the OCR: No
Full text search from legends: No
Digitization of maps on request: Yes
Other services: Users of data: elementary schools, secondary schools, universities, Academy of science, Science institutes, publishing houses, television, radio, film production, public Providing of educational and promotional materials: exhibition, guided tours

Aggregation into higher units

Digitalized cartographic documents are eported into superior aggregates: Europeana; Oldmapsonline.org;

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