Database of the digitized map collections

Author and administrator of the database:

The Map Collection of the Faculty of Science of Charles University

Cartographic heritage is one of the most endangered exhibits of the national cultural heritage. The first step towards their protection is undoubtedly describing and making them accessible. The digitization of map collections is an inseparable part of memory institutions nowadays. It allows easy and continuous access to unique funds and it protects the collections as well.

The database of the digitized map collections of the Czech Republic was set up at the instance of Eva Novotná, PhD. as one of the initiatives of an open platform for cartographic documents at the UNESCO National Committee. It is open to all map funds and it primarily serves administrators, but also researchers, scientists and the general public.

Information about the collections includes both physical and web addresses, a brief description of physical and digital fund, specification of descriptive metadata and image files, services and aggregation into higher units.

Data update is carried out by authorized administrators of the collection. Geographical search of collections is also possible on background map. Methodologies for processing and accessibility cartographic works are also available.

If you want to register your digitized map collection, do not hesitate to contact the database administrator at the address: cabelka@natur.cuni.cz.

More information about the Database of Digitized Map Collections of the Czech Republic can be found in presentation (2019).

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